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Pinterest Idea...AGAIN?

So, I had this grand idea of making a wooden backdrop that I found on Pinterest (I'm pretty sure my hubby rolled his eyes in his head when I told him this). Little did I know that it was an endeavor more complicated than I thought. In my mind, we would go to Lowe's, pick out some wood, nail it together, stain it, and boom, DONE! One, maybe 2 nights, tops! Well, I wasn't factoring in kids or the fact that my completely awesome hubby is very detailed and very particular (which are 2 of the things I absolutely love about him).

On our first trip to Lowe's, we took the girls. Taking kids to Lowe's for materials where you don't exactly know what you need is NEVER a good idea. I think we spent most of the time tending to them and trying to keep their behavior suitable for public. We ended up coming home empty handed.

On the second trip, my hubby went ALONE and bought everything he needed.

I should've taken more pictures, but this "little" project took almost every night of the week. One night was cutting the wood, the next night was nailing it all together, another trip to Lowe's for stain, then it was staining, and lastly putting the 2 pieces (floor and bottom) together.

He never complained or whined about doing it for me. And, he did it with full effort. I'm so spoiled by him and I'm so, so lucky.

Here is the finished wooden backdrop and it looks fabulous!

Then, of course, I had to test it on my kids. I did take pictures of both kids but one was not dressed appropriately for sharing her pictures, LOL.

Of course she had to drag in the overly laid back cat in the picture!

So, that is the story of one my Pinterest ideas brought to life by my sweet hubby! Thank you SO MUCH Josh!! I love you!

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