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The Love of Moo-Moos

My dad works for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), but he grew up on a farm and still farms on side. Part of this farming side-job includes raising cattle. His herd from year to year ranges from 18-30ish cattle. Well, a grandpa who has cows is SO FUN for grandkids! My girls LOVE to go out to the farm and help grandpa feed the cows. My mom likes to come out when she hears that grandkids are coming to feed the cows.

First, they have to get the buckets, and then go the barn to get the food.

There is something about carrying your own feed bucket that makes a girl happy! I mean, look at those grins!

Now the fun part, the cows! Oh, and there have been lots of calves being born in this herd!

Are you my mother? Where is the milk?

I think these cows like it when the grandkids come out to feed them. They let the kids pet them!

Now here are some fun pictures of the cows, because mommy loves to take pictures!

I'm not sure who was more intrigued by the other, the cows or Julia?

And that about sums up this trip to the farm to feed the cows. Oh, one more thing, my aunt gave both girls their own juice carton and they each got to pick out a Hostess treat. They were pretty pumped about that! Yeah, mommy not so much, because it was right before dinner (ugh). What do ya do???

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