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Water in the Ditch

This summer has been unusual here in Kansas because we have had rain! Like, a lot. Usually our summers are hot, hot, hot, dry, and oh, did I mention hot!?!? Not this summer. It has been one of the milder summers that I can remember in a while.

We have a ditch behind our backyard that fills with water when it rains. Having the girls want to play in the ditch has never really happened, because it has been mostly dry for the past 4 years.

Well, I'm one to automatically say no to something like playing in the ditch. I do because I start to think down a path like this: water in ditch next to a huge field > snakes > bugs > snakes > leeches > snakes > bacteria (Stupid, I know. It was fresh rain water!) > snakes. Of course, the girls asked me if they could play in the water during the day and I said no. Daddy got home and after dinner they ask him and he {easily} said yes. Ugh, sometimes I wish I were more like him. I wish I could just say yes to fun stuff and not have my mind automatically go down all sorts of trails of thoughts. Sometimes I wish my thoughts would go far, far away!

My girls HAD A BLAST playing in that water! It made their day and made their week! I'm am so glad he said yes and I'm so glad I was able to capture these fun moments of my girls just having FUN and being KIDS! Oh, and there was no snake sighting that day, thankfully!!! ;)

I don't think they are having any fun :)

Hi mom!

She stopped mid-playing to bring me a flower. So sweet!

Best buds!

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