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Christmas for Young and Old

Christmas....a time of excitement for young and old. Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of year! And now that I have kids, wow, it is 10 times more special. Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions start with the Candlelight Christmas Service at our church. This year my girls sang in the children's choir. It was completely and wonderfully adorable until they both decided that one performance was enough, even though there was still 1 more service to perform at. My hubby and I tried and tried to get them to sing again, but we failed. Thankfully, there were other sheep to sing and they found another girl to be Mary. It was a slightly stressful moment for us!

After we get home from the Christmas Eve Service, we give the girls 1 early present, Christmas pajamas! They think it is so much fun and are super excited to put on their newest pajamas. Then, we head downstairs to take some Christmas Eve pictures in front of the tree. This year, Frenchy, joined in on the pictures, although I think that next year he may disappear for this event. I don't think he was having as much fun as the girls! He is such a good sport though!

Christmas morning comes quickly and the girls are so excited to go downstairs and open their gifts! Mommy and daddy are just as excited! Piggy banks, dress up clothes, jewelry (toddler jewelry that is), and art projects were some of things our kiddos received this this year. Awww, good times! I can't wait until next year, except maybe for the stressful Christmas Eve Children's Choir. I can definitely wait on that!

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